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Shamanic Drumming and Spiritual Wellbeing

Shamanic drumming is a powerful tool for spiritual wellbeing. It is an ancient practice that has been used for thousands of years by shamans all over the world to heal the mind, body, and soul. The sound of the drum creates a trance-like state that allows the shaman to journey to other realms, communicate with spirits, and access deep levels of consciousness.

Shamanic drumming has many benefits for spiritual wellbeing. It can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, and promote feelings of calm and relaxation. It can also help to increase self-awareness, enhance creativity, and improve focus and concentration.

In addition to its mental and emotional benefits, shamanic drumming can also have physical benefits. It has been shown to lower blood pressure, improve circulation, and boost the immune system.

If you are interested in exploring shamanic drumming for spiritual wellbeing, there are many resources available. You can attend workshops and classes, listen to recordings, or even create your own drumming practice. Whatever method you choose, incorporating shamanic drumming into your life can be a powerful tool for healing, growth, and transformation.

Baltimore Drum Church Trinity Set Drum Meditations

The meditation program offered by Baltimore Drum Church is centered around Eric S. Willison’s Chakra Attunement teachings, which are designed to guide participants into a deep state of consciousness through a series of three drum meditations called the Trinity Set. These meditations represent the Root, Heart, and Crown chakras, which symbolize the lower, middle, and upper boundaries of our perceived reality. By participating in these chakra-activating drum meditations, individuals may experience altered states of consciousness such as flow state, deep relaxation, out-of-body journeying, and contact/union with their spirituality or higher self. When performed in a group setting, the collective energy enhances the overall trance-inducing effect. Baltimore Drum Church employs various techniques such as colors, sound, chanting/toning, and drone drumming to create these altered states. It is important to note that the purpose of these meditations is not to create music, but rather to induce a meditative state using the instrument of the drum. Any brain wave state outside of normal waking reality is considered an altered state.

Root Charka
Root Chakra

396 Hz Root Chakra Drum Meditation

Our journey begins with the Root Chakra Drum Meditation.  First, we must leave normal, Beta Wave reality and enter a flow state.  A flow state breaks mental focus on the future and the past and collapses our reality into an altered state called a “flow” or “now” state.  In so doing, we move from a normal brain wave state to a borderline alpha/theta wave state. Thus, a very shallow altered state that can be generated and maintained just by doing a repetitive motion we find enjoyable.

To achieve this state we must use a combination of four program elements:
  • 180 bpm drone drum beat
  • “LAM” Root Chakra toning (with voice)
  • a 396Hz tuned singing bowl or a Solfeggio pure tone frequency of 396 Hz (pure tones provided below)
  • red lighting.

When these program elements are combined, the brain autonomically (automatically) induces a flow state in about seven to ten minutes.

396 Hz Root Chakra Drum Meditation With Crystal Singing Bowl:

At our Root Chakra, we must assess our primal needs and desires. Often we put too much focus on our root desires, and even love them. Root Chakra desires can be limited to money, power, and status. The intention of the Root Chakra Meditation is to help us feel grounded and connected to what’s important and necessary in our physical lives while also helping us discern which desires stem from fear and insecurity. By turning mindful attention to our lower chakras, we can balance desire that could cloud our path to divine/inner knowledge. Our connection to the physical world is but one aspect of our consciousness. The Root Chakra Meditation helps us balance the lower triangle of the body with our other energy centers as we hear a 396hz drone, tone the sound “Lam,” beat the drums, and resonate with the Root Chakra singing bowl.

639 Hz Heart Chakra Drum Meditation:

Heart Chakra
Heart Chakra

Once we enter and sustain a flow state, we then move our consciousness up into our Heart Chakra to attain and maintain a theta-wave meditation state. We focus our attention on universal love. This love emanates from the middle of the chest at the Heart Center or Chakra. We meditate here to ascend from root desires and material passions. We continue to drum, to tone “Yam” with voice, listen to the 639hz drone, and we turn our attention to green-colored light. We allow love to radiate out in all directions with the steady drumbeat. This frees our consciousness to focus on the divine within.

To achieve this altered state we must use a combination of four program elements:
  • 180 bpm drone drumbeat
    • An alternate beat is the common heartbeat drum meditation. People respond equally well to both methods.
  • “YAM” Heart Chakra toning (with voice)
  • 639 Hz tuned singing bowl or a Solfeggio pure tone frequency of 639 Hz (pure tones provided below)
  • green lighting.

Combined in resonance, we descend deeper into a meditation state as we observe ourselves with Love and Openness.

639 Hz Heart Chakra Drum Meditation With Crystal Singing Bowl:

We focus our intent deep into the hollow of our Heart Chakra and focus solely on the benevolent good that is inside us all.  We focus on the love of the Self, for one another, and for all things. Love for the Self supports our ability to love others– all others. To reside in love/ the Heart Chakra, means to feel light without insecurity or fear.

963 Hz Crown Chakra Drum Meditation:

To achieve this altered state we must use a combination of four program elements:
Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra

Once you have achieved a flow state at the Root Chakra, and you have replaced your emotional impediments with an aura of love at the Heart Chakra it is time to move your consciousness to the Crown Chakra. From here we make the leap into universal consciousness of reality itself to receive Divine knowledge.

  • 180 bpm drone drum beat,
  • “AUM” Crown Chakra chanting,
  • 963 Hz tuned singing bowl or a Solfeggio pure tone frequency of 963 Hz (pure tones provided below)
  • Violet lighting.

Combined in resonance, we can commune with other spiritual beings and obtain divine knowledge.

963 Hz Crown Chakra Drum Meditation With Crystal Singing Bowl:


Never journey in search of divine knowledge.  First of all, you are emphasizing the “need to search.”  The universe will focus on your “need to search” and so the universe will say, “search you will,” and you will spend your time searching for what you want. Never journey from a position of scarcity.  Instead, focus your intent only on “receiving divine knowledge” from each meditation. This point of view comes from a position of abundance; the universe always provides.  All you need to do is simply receive the gift.

What is the Trinity Set Drum Meditation?

The Trinity Set is a series of 3 drum meditations based on the three chakra points that define the lower, middle and upper audiovisual limits of our reality.

  • I am – The Root Chakra connects us to the physical world
  • I love – The Heart Chakra connects us to universal love
  • I know – The Crown Chakra connects us to divine knowledge

Solfeggio frequencies and Chakra Colors associated with the Trinity Set meditations:

  • 396 Hz Root – Red
  • 639 Hz  heart – Green
  • 963 Hz Crown  – Violet

We combine pure tones, drone beats, chanting and colored lights in specific sequence to bring our consciousness into harmonic resonance with our corresponding Chakra points and produce powerful trance states.  

The Trinity Set is not about making music, it is about creating a trance state by deploying drone beats.  First, all three Solfeggio pure tone frequencies of the Trinity Set are divisible by 3. That being so, we play a drone beat at 3 beats per second for 180 beats per minute to create a trance-inducing resonance with the Solfeggio frequency.  Thus, the Solfeggio frequencies and the drone beats harmonically resonate together to aid in the creation of an altered meditative state.