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963 Hz Crown Chakra Drum Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowl

Crown Chakra Drum Meditation
Crown Chakra Drum Meditation

963 Hz Solfeggio frequency Crown Chakra drum meditation with crystal singing bowl and chakra chanting. Next, watch in the dark while wearing headphones for best the effect. Finally, Feel free to drum along with the drone beat and chant the AUM Crown Chakra incantation.

Follow the link to learn more about the spiritual concepts behind our Drum Meditations visit the Baltimore Drum Church Drum Meditations page.

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First Ring of Crystal Singing Bowls

First Ring of the Solfeggio attuned singing bowls.
Solfeggio Frequencies

This video shows the First Ring of my new crystal singing bowls attuned to the Root, Heart and Crown chakras.  Secondly, singing bowls use the Solfeggio frequencies of 396 Hz, 639 Hz, 963 Hz to resonate with the chakra points. 

Follow the link to learn more about the spiritual concepts behind our Drum Meditations visit the Baltimore Drum Church Drum Meditations page.

Journeying Message Paintings

The Cosmic Door Painting

The Cosmic Door
The Cosmic Door by Eric S. Willison

The Comic Door is a painting by Eric S. Willison.  It depicts the personal manifestation of my shamanic doorway into the divine.   This image also depicts an altered state called “eternal now”.  This is represented by a 12 point star nested between the four points of spacetime – height, width, length, and the arrow of time.  Thus, this door serves as a passageway to other realities and divine knowledge.  More importantly, this painting also depicts how to open the door.   You can enter the “Eternal now” by passing through an altered state of reality.  Thus, when you are in an Altered State the boundaries of reality become permeable enough to open a doorway to the multiverse.


NOW MOMENTS – Three Minute Journey

I produced this video to commemorate a momentous shamanic journey I took in Maryland’s Savage River Forest.  On a full moon night many years ago I walked with heathen gods.


Journeying News

Surgery Induced Out of Body Experience

I recently had neck surgery due to to some serious spinal cord issues from an accident 30 years ago. My sister asked if I was afraid, I told her I had been walking this path for 30 years and I was resigned to the surgery.  I needed the surgery so I could walk in old age, so it was simple math.

The surgery went very long, actually twice as long as was planned because the surgery had some complications. Nothing serious, bone spurs that had grown to close to the spine needed delicate handling and the surgeon had to work much more slowly than anticipated.

A crazy thing happened as the post-op staff tried to wake me up afterwards. They tried to wake me twice and both times I would wake up, burst into tears from the pain and I splashed backward into to this fluid like abyss with geometric patterns where there was no pain.  The third time they woke me I came back feet first and I sort of slowly surfaced into my hospital bed and stayed in this reality.  Three times was the charm, after all three is a magic number.  Of course I tried to convey this experience to the nursing staff, but they just looked at me like I was crazy.   Obviously they are  numb to the random utterances post-op patients as they return to consciousness.  I am sure they have heard it all.

This was not a Theta wave jump into a meditative state.  This was much deeper waters I submerged into.  I am pretty certain this was a Delta wave experience most likely induced by the general anesthesia.  It was a peaceful place devoid of bright light.  Everything had a greenish-blue hue sort of like scuba diving so deep that I couldn’t see the surface nor the bottom.   It was like being suspended in embryonic fluid.  Which makes me think this was a Delta wave experience because this was deeper than traveling through the Bardos in the Vatas.  This was the silence of the abyss.

Fortunately, upon that the second plunge back into the abyss I had the wherewithal to actually take advantage of this “mother of all altered states” that I had found myself in.  I also knew that waking up was vitally important and I knew I only had mere moments investigate this strange altered state, but do what?   So I told myself to simply be in this moment and remember.  Sometimes just remembering is good enough.  A few moments later I awoke to three nurses fussing over all the post-op minutia and the moment was gone but not forgotten.