The Book

The Shamanic Journey to Immortally
Avoid the Reality Trap and Become Immortal

Discover your path to Divine Knowledge through the Shamanic Teachings of E. Sterling Willison.  Awaken your inner divinity by shedding society’s dogmas and your personal demons in order to walk with gods.  Charm City Shaman will help you find your your path to divine knowledge but there is much to learn and you only have one lifespan to do so.  Through Shamanic Journeys one can discover your higher self, learn divine knowledge of the ages and walk with gods through higher realms of existence.   This divine knowledge is not just the key to our universe but to the entire multi-verse.   There are many realms beyond this universe waiting to be explored, all you need to do is focus your personal intent and plunge yourself into our realities.

This book presents many tools and exercises needed for budding shamanic journeyers to use in order to perfect their journeying skills.  More importantly, this book teaches you how to apply this divine knowledge to the ultimate voyage of the soul and overcome death itself.

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