Hallucinating Your Reality

Alin Seth’s Ted Talk explains how your brain is hallucinating your reality.   The brain is explained as a prediction machine.  Thus, brain uses neural stimuli that manifests a view of reality from sensory information.  This sensory input is based the stimulation of neural pathways that transmit electrical signals.  Therefor, from these signals our brain manifests…… Continue reading Hallucinating Your Reality

Root Chakra Drum Meditation With 396 Hz Crystal Singing Bowl

Drum Meditation

Root Chakra Drum Meditation 396 Hz Root Chakra drum meditation with crystal singing bowl and chakra chanting. For best effect, watch in the dark while wearing headphones. Feel free to drum along with the drone beat and chant the LAM Root Chakra incantation. Follow the link to learn more about the spiritual concepts behind our…… Continue reading Root Chakra Drum Meditation With 396 Hz Crystal Singing Bowl

First Ring of Crystal Singing Bowls

Solfeggio Frequencies This video shows the First Ring of my new crystal singing bowls attuned to the Root, Heart and Crown chakras.  Secondly, singing bowls use the Solfeggio frequencies of 396 Hz, 639 Hz, 963 Hz to resonate with the chakra points.  Follow the link to learn more about the spiritual concepts behind our Drum…… Continue reading First Ring of Crystal Singing Bowls

Etsy Shop Created for Fund Raising

Charm City Shaman has opened an Etsy store entitled “Shaman’s Spirit Shop”. All funds raised from the Etsy shop go to support the mission of Baltimore Drum Church to include communal drum purchases and large venue event planning. Follow link: ShamansSpiritShop  

Painting My Shaman Drum

My shaman drum took some thinking to design.  The octagram design represents the manifestations of the eightfold path of Buddha, the Wiccan eight spoked wheel, and the Hindu Star of Lakshmi.  I painted the octagrams onto my shaman drum as as a talisman to grow Baltimore Drum Church.

Drumhead Designs

These are original freeform drumhead designs on goat skin frame drums.  I am recreating the essence of some of my journeys endow specific journeying intentions into each drumhead design.  There is an intention put into this design is to aid fellow travelers on third eye and crown chakra journeys and meditations.

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Video Collaboration with Nichole Kelly

A video collaboration with Nichole Kelly and Baltimore Drum Church. Eric Willison produced and edited the video and soundscape recordings and Daveed Korup provided all the percussion and throat singing elements used in the recording. This is the first in a larger video series currently in production.

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