2D Holographic Reality and Shamanic Journeying

Canadian and Italian researchers in the fields of theoretical physics and astrophysics believe they have found evidence that supports the two-dimensional holographic universe theory.  The  evidence of this concept was discovered while searching for verification of cosmic expansion by studying the Cosmic Background Radiation of the universe.  However what does this mean for Shamanic Journeying? This study provides real scientific proof that our reality exists on the skin of a 2D plane of existence.  From My shamanic travels I know that this 2D plane is actually a the skin of a Torus shaped reality bubble that is our universe.

2D Reality formed into a Torus Shape – Courtesy Wikipedia

Shamans have traveled for centuries from one reality to another to bring back divine knowledge.  Or better said, “knowledge not of this reality.” It is the cornerstone of being a Shaman.  When outside of our reality, we can look back on our reality bubble and see it as a Torus shaped bubble floating in a vast sea of bubbles.  Much like the mariners of old who brought back exotic spices, shamans bring back divine knowledge.  When new knowledge is brought into this reality, the universe expands.  This discovery in physics supports the shamanic view of a multiverse of reality bubbles floating in an endless astral sea of unlimited possibilities.

This 3D reality that we experience is nothing more than an illusion… Though be it a persistent illusion, it is an illusion all the same.  The trajectory of our lives in this reality is nothing more than a holographic play-out of information stored on a 2D surface.  Much like a virtual reality simulation running on a computer’s hard drive.  In the end, reality is information and information is energy and energy is god energy.  Therefore, you are god energy manifested in the information of our reality on a 2D membrane.

Our brains do not actually experience this reality, it experiences the energy transmissions from our five senses that are attuned to the frequencies of this reality bubble.  Thus the illusion is formed and maintained.  Our 2D selves can never experience more than what our senses tell our mind.  Therefor we must look beyond our physical senses to understand our universe.

A blind fish swimming in a cave will never know the light of the sun.  Thus the blind fish will never experience anything more than what it’s four senses view its reality to be.  Such is the case for our brain, it manifests a picture of our reality based on these stimuli or energy transmissions from our five physical senses, nothing more.  What we perceive and what actually is are two entirely different things.  So common sense tells us that if we look beyond our physical senses, we better understand what reality is and what it isn’t.

Like an onion our reality bubble has many layers or parallel realities.  In essence these realities are the same but each layer is slightly different.  We can drift between the timelines of one parallel reality to another, and most of the time we would never know it.  Such is the fluid nature of a mind expanding  moment when something changes our view on reality.  It is the same reality but now our perception of it has changed.  This new perception forces to us to see reality in a new way, and thus our consciousness expands to a parallel layer or a parallel reality.   However, this is not the end of it.  For you see, our universe exists in a massive multiverse of reality bubbles each with their own parallel timelines.

So what does this mean?  Why should you care?  To be a shaman is to know this already.  Through shamanic journeys I have seen our reality from the outside looking in.  Much like Neil Armstrong looking at the Earthrise while standing on the moon.  It simply changes your perspective about the nature of your reality forever.  At this moment your consciousness shifts from one parallel timeline to another and your reality changes.  However, there is not just one metaphoric onion or reality bubble in the ocean, there is a sea of reality bubbles waiting to be explored.

When an astronaut brings back scientific knowledge from beyond this world, humanity’s database of knowledge grows.  Like an Astronaut a shaman can be an “astralnaut” and can bring back divine knowledge from beyond this reality.  The energy that is this new knowledge creates a new parallel reality and our universe expands.   However, each time you return to this reality, you come back to a different parallel timeline.  You never return to where you started.  This is because you are no longer the same.  The Shaman that left and the shaman that has returned are two completely different spiritual beings.  You are forever changed with each journey and the person you once were simply no longer exists and you re-enter our reality on a newly created parallel timeline to accommodate this difference and the person you once were no longer exists.

This is why the first Journeys into the astral plan are usually the most traumatic to one’s psyche.  It is the first time a person experience the “Little Death”.  The death of the old self and the creation of a more enlightened being.