Hallucinating Your Reality

Alin Seth’s Ted Talk explains how your brain is hallucinating your reality.   The brain is explained as a prediction machine.  Thus, brain uses neural stimuli that manifests a view of reality from sensory information.  This sensory input is based the stimulation of neural pathways that transmit electrical signals.  Therefor, from these signals our brain manifests or hallucinates what it predicts reality to be from perception of stimuli.  When we all agree on these predictions we call this reality. 

The Shamanic Journey to Immortality

In Eric Willison’s book, “The Shamanic Journey to Immortality“, reality is like a radio station that our Brain tunes into using stimuli from our seven senses.  In so doing, your view on reality is based on the brains processing potential.  Therefore, our consciousness can only experience this reality trough the processing of  sensory stimulation.  Thus, you brian is manifesting or hallucinating your reality around you based on energy stimulus.

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