New Hand Painted Drum Posted to Etsy

Shaman’s Shield Frame Drum

Charm City Shaman hand painted frame drum design entitled “Shaman’s Shield” with its central 12 point starburst pattern. This design was painted onto a 12 inch in diameter Remo Fiberskyn (non-leather) frame drum. If you are looking for a non-leather vegan friendly shaman drum, this is it. Drum is factory pre-tuned and is made of laminated brown wood product, Remo Fiberskyn and edging is wrapped with brown webbing with thumb grip sculpted into the frame. Mixed media ink and paint will wear with use. However the non-leather Fiberskyn surface does a wonderful job of absorbing color into the fibers. Non-wood based rubberized mallet is included. All Charm City Shaman drumhead designs are signed by Eric S. Willison, author, artist and co-founder of Baltimore Drum Church. All proceeds support the mission of Baltimore Drum Church.

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